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We are a growing community of
climate scientists sharing our personal hopes
and concerns about climate change.

Beyond our lab coats, we’re parents, community members, and concerned citizens sharing our hopes for the future.  Please take a moment to listen to our stories.

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Through the eyes of his grandkids
Jim White, University of Colorado Boulder
With the wisdom of years, Jim reflects on the world he's leaving his kids and grandkids. If you want a moving reflection of someone who's devoted his life to studying the climate and now sees it in terms of those we're leaving it to, this is it.
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Watching the changes, it’s scary
Abby Swann, University of Washington
Like many young climate scientists, Abby has already witnessed significant, measurable changes to the Earth’s atmosphere. Knowing the physics, she's really motivated to share her concern about where we're headed...
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As our parents did, will enough good people stand up?
Kerry Emanuel, MIT
Kerry thinks back to the enormous sacrifices his parents' generation made in fighting WWII and communism, leaving a better world. And he wonders, will enough good people stand up today so our kids can think of us the same way?
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I wish I could just scream and let everybody know how big this is!
Mike MacFerrin, University of Colorado Boulder
A first-hand report as Mike shows us extraordinary ice melt on Greenland. What will be the effects of the changing climate and what gives him hope?
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By the power of one
Barbara Spiecker, Oregon State University
As someone who loves the ocean and its inhabitants, Barbara uses sign language to share her hopes and fears about our changing climate. With an inspiring message, she urges us all to make a positive ripple effect with our own actions.
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Behind the lab coat, please meet…
Dargan Frierson, University of Washington
When you think of scientist... musician, teacher, songwriter, husband, dad? Please meet Dargan Frierson.
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Being a little warmer? That sounds ok.
Emily Zakem, MIT
It's not just being warmer, the scary part is what means for everything around us that we depend on. Take a listen...
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A fundamental ethical problem
Michael Mann, Penn State
We're reaping the benefits of fossil fuels, but the profound impacts will be felt most fully by our children and grandchildren. To Mike, that's a fundamental ethical problem.
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If we take the right path, the Earth will work with us
Alan Betts, Pittsford, Vermont
Scientific interest has given way to very personal concern. With the quickening pace of changes, long-time climate researcher Alan Betts can see too well a very rough path for our children and grandchildren.

Is he hopeful? He says if we take the right path the Earth will work with us. Take a moment to listen…
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This is a problem that’s relentless and has really long time scales
Kevin Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research
People don't realize how relentless global warming will be. The CO2 we put into the atmosphere will be there for hundreds of years, continuing to heat up the earth. So the signs we’re seeing now will be much greater in the future, then made even worse by continued emissions. Given these time scales, by the time most people recognize that "Oh yes, we've really got a problem, we've got to do something about it", it's far too late.
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