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Scientists, please join in! The climate conversation needs your voice. Help the public understand that climate change is real, that it is happening, and we do need to act. Help them also get to know you – that you’re not an academic in an ivory tower, but a fellow concerned citizen, a parent, a member of the community who is concerned for the future we’ll leave our children and grandchildren.

Yours is the most powerful voice to rebuff the misinformation about climate change.  Of course the basic science is settled.  You know that. Help the public understand it too. Help them realize what it will mean for the coming generations. And help them appreciate that you, the people dedicated to learning more, are doing it because you care.

All scientists working in fields that are impacted by climate change are invited to participate. Increasingly, climate is a key driver in such diverse areas as oceanography, forestry, hydrology, agriculture, public health, urban planning and even national defense. We welcome and appreciate contributions from all scientists working in these fields, sharing your personal views about climate change and its effects, personal stories, and why it will matter to us as families and communities.

What you say of course is up to you. And you can always change your mind – the video will be on your YouTube account so you can change it or remove it whenever you want. We do ask that the messages keep to accepted science, this isn’t a platform for scientifically controversial stances.

Check out our helpful guide to creating your own video, the Do It Yourself Toolkit, and add your voice!

See our resources page for information on additional opportunities for engagement and communication resources.

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