More Than Scientists

Who We Are

Science – The disciplines are as diverse as life on earth. A problem of global scale requires everyone: from physicists to physicians, marine biologists to atmospheric chemists, ice to fire ecologists, from the soil to the upper atmosphere, it takes us all.

We are scientists. We span the fields of scientific inquiry, span the political spectrum, and the nation. We are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding. We represent the more than 97% of scientists who believe climate change is happening, that it is due to our actions and that it is within our power to keep it from being devastating.

But we aren’t just scientists inside labs and academia. We are people like you, with hopes and dreams and loved ones. We are mothers, fathers, farmers, fishermen, hikers, hunters, …

… And we’re concerned.

We are more than scientists.
It will take more than science.
It will take us all, working together, for a better future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use these videos for our own campaign and website?
Absolutely! All the videos are publicly available on YouTube or Vimeo for embedding and linking, just as we do to show them on this site. If you'd like help identifying videos talking about particular subjects, please contact us at
Who is More Than Scientists?
More Than Scientists is a collaborative effort born of long experience in climate activism combining with concerned scientists seeking to help get the word out about where the science currently stands. It is a project of The Climate Change Education Project, a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

First of course we are grateful for the participation of the scientists. With their support and involvement, we are able to offer a setting that supports their outreach efforts.

Our dedicated team that keeps the operation running includes:

Eric Michelman is the director of the campaign. As a climate activist in the Seattle area for more than a decade, he is the founder of the Climate Change Education Project. He is also an experienced entrepreneur in the software industry.

Dylan Tuohy is a web designer, developer, and consultant in Washington, DC. He likes helping progressive organizations to express themselves on the web.

Stefanie Spear manages media for the campaign via her company Stellar Design and PR. She has more than 25 years of experience in the grassroots environmental movement. She is the founder and editor of EcoWatch, a leading environmental news site, and president of Expedite Renewable Energy, a consultancy business focused on energy policy on the local, state and federal level.

Patrick DiCiaccio earned his BA in Biology from Ithaca College and an MS in Climate Science & Policy from Bard Center for Environmental Policy. He has worked for the National Park Service making climate predictions for the Santa Monica Mountains, for the U.S. Department of Energy where he administered the Better Buildings Case Competition and the White House Office of Management & Budget Environment Branch. Patrick believes that the manner in which we discuss climate change is integral in making progress toward mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Free Range, a branding and marketing agency, is a key partner in the development and launch of the More than Scientists campaign. Free Range develops story-driven brands and campaigns in partnership with organizations out to change the world.

Does MTS assist in arranging interviews with scientists?
Press interviews, as well as public speaking generally, often benefit from training to do well. As our scientist contributors aren't selected on this basis and we don't provide this training, we unfortunately aren't able to assist in arranging interviews. Climate Voices though is an excellent organization which does connect scientists with speaking engagements and they welcome your inquiries.